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Chasing Woodpeckers — 8 Comments

    • Excellent shot! They are one of the most elusive bird species out there, and I have the same experience when trying to photograph them. I have spent several years studying their behavior and their close cousin, the Ivory-billed Woodpecker. I filmed a video back in March, where I discussed the Pileated Woodpecker – and one flew in! It was a rare treat. You can see it HERE.
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  1. Hi Mara,
    I made three boxes in the Spring, mounted two and gave one to a friend. One box is empty and the other has a barred owl living in it. I like having the owl around too.

    Check out the pictures I got from my trailcam of a Bobcat.

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    • Oh, Barred Owls are lovely birds to have around. I enjoy listening to them here on our farm; occasionally I can call them in closer.

      Those are great pictures! I was researching Bobcats earlier this afternoon after tracking one through our woods yesterday, but I have never seen one. I should invest in a trail cam at some point; it seems a useful thing to have.
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      • I agree, Barred Owls are very loud too.

        Be careful tracking them, most of them will run from humans but they say about 20% will attack. I love my trailcam, it’s fun to see the pictures because you never know what you’ll find.
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        • Interesting; I did not know that. I certainly would not like to tangle with one of those. My second time through the trail it has been taking, I heard a growl, which unnerved me for a few minutes and I decided to leave. I’m not sure what it was, but my first guess was it might be the Bobcat still hanging around. I have noticed that Bobcats and Cougars seem to have cycles of when and where they move through. The Cougar only comes through once a year, but Bobcat(s) travel through more often. I also tracked a Lynx the first winter we lived in the country. Their tracks are so neat!
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